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Whether you’ve been working in social media for one day, or your entire career, you know how quickly things change. It feels like every time you log into an app, something has moved. Or, there’s a new feature that you didn’t know about. Trends are also always changing, and to help your brand or organization stay up-to-date, that means you have to as well.

But as someone who works in social media, you might not have time to do this research. That’s where I come in. Every week, I curate the top news and trends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and much more! That way you just have to check your inbox every Monday, do a scan, and you’re ready to go. I also talk about some of the important issues facing tech and humanity.

I hope you enjoy reading The Social Platypus as much as I enjoy writing it.

Sandra Muir

Editor-in-Chief, The Social Platypus

Sandra Muir, The Social Platypus

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