ICYMI: October Social Media Recap

Welcome to the October social media recap! Here are some of the top stories from last month:

  • Facebook tries to consolidate its power by intregrating Facebook, Instagram and Messenger even more
  • If you don’t shop on social media yet, Instagram and Pinterest are betting that you will soon
  • More than four billion people now use social media every month
  • And this is the kind of viral news we are looking for.

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Let’s stick together

Facebook hasn’t been just “Facebook” for a while. It now owns several large social media and messaging apps, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, which just add to its overall strength and reach. And now, Facebook is rolling out changes that will make it even easier to use all of these apps at the same time. Here’s how…

Facebook has started testing a new Accounts Center, which connects Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. That means one sign-on and the ability to post across apps from one location.

In the future, it will also include Facebook Pay, which means entering credit card info once, but being able to pay across Facebook and Instagram. You will also be able to sync the apps so that profile updates roll out across Facebook and Instagram at the same time (such as changing your name or profile pic). Sounds simple enough.

And if you logged into Instagram lately, you might have received a message asking you to “Update to Chat with Facebook Accounts.” If you choose to update, you’ll now be able to reply to messages in Messenger and Instagram in one place. There are several updates, including Messenger-like features, such as customizing reactions and changing chat colours. Additional features include watching videos together, vanishing messages, and selfie stickers. “Our hope is to make it easier to stay in touch with friends across our apps,” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri tweeted.

Shop ’til you drop

Shopping online isn’t new. But being able to do it on your favourite social media platforms most definitely is. Leading the charge is Facebook and its social media super app Instagram, which made a series of shopping-related updates in the summer — like Instagram Shop and Checkout. These updates rolled out as COVID-19 continued to keep us out of crowded spaces (like malls) and spending more time online. Now, Facebook is planning to expand those shopping features, while other social media and online companies are getting wise to the trend. Here are the details…

It’s only been a few months since Instagram launched Reels, but Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is already announcing that they will soon start testing shopping on the new feature. Instagram’s VP of Product Vishal Shal says the features will be available wherever Instagram Shopping is.

Also, as of right now, you can shop directly on IGTV via shoppable videos, a feature that is available globally. FB will likely make money by charging fees on purchases, but is waiving those through 2020. 

Facebook says all of this e-commerce is in the name of helping businesses and Creators continue to make money during the pandemic. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said in 2019 that e-commerce is the future of the app, so there’s also that.

It just makes sense that Pinterest should jump on this trend. And so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the platforms making moves. It recently announced a collab with Microsoft that will make it easier to find relevant pins in Microsoft Collections. “This is great for recipes and online shopping since you can find inspiration from Pinterest related to your holiday baking and gift hunt,” says Microsoft. This follows an announcement by Pinterest in September, saying it was rolling out new shopping tools “for Pinners and advertisers, bringing us one step closer to our goal of making every Pin shoppable.”

Social Media By The Numbers

More than 50% of humans (roughly 4 billion people) use social media each month, according to a new Global Digital Report. And while it’s no surprise that Facebook is clearly dominating this chart of most-used social platforms, we’re a little shocked at Twitter’s low numbers. It’s also worth mentioning that while TikTok is still well below some of the heavy hitters, the short-looping video app only became available to global users in 2018 (in comparison, Facebook has been around for 15 years).

Global Digital Report October 2020


And finally, a good kind of viral 

Ocean Spray is the envy of brands everywhere, after a TikTok video by Nathan “Doggface” Apodaca skateboarding and drinking Cran-raspberry juice to the soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” quickly became a popular video challenge. 

In response, not only did a number of people imitate the video — including Ocean Spray President and CEO Tom Hayes and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac — but Apodaca was gifted a truck by Ocean Spray (a small price to pay considering you can’t buy this kind of exposure). 

The video also catapulted “Dreams” back up the charts — more than 40 years after its original release. 

And the other winner in this: us, as we finally get some feel-good news.

Screenshot of Sir David Attenborough's Instagram Profile